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Custom business and WordPress websites

WordPress Web Design Perth

Manage and control your websites' content

We specialise in custom WordPress websites that lets you manage the content and layout of your website

Local experts in WordPress

WordPress websites made for businesses right here in Perth

WordPress is a robust platform that can meet your business needs.

More than 30% of the internet worldwide runs on WordPress. There are over a billion options and plugins available for customisation. It’s no wonder users rely on WordPress more than any other CMS platforms online.

Search engines like the way WordPress organises content. That makes it easier for your website to rank up in search results on websites like Google and Bing.

Over a billion options and plugins available for customisation. Thats why 30% of the internet runs on WordPress

Easy for users

Why we choose to develop WordPress websites

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    Our WordPress sites gives you the freedom to update your own pages without our help. WordPress is built for content management and publishing so you can easily manage your blog, website content and media. We will provide training on how to use your WordPress website which may involve updating content (adding images etc), adding new pages or installing plugins.

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    WordPress can be a powerful tool for your business but at its core, WordPress was designed to function as a platform for blogging. When it comes to the power and tools made available for everyday users, WordPress is in the lead and is the most popular platform of choice for Content Management Systems (CMS).

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    WordPress was designed to be SEO friendly out the box giving it an advantage when it comes to ranking in search results. The code in WordPress is compliant and semantic and is the main reason search engines like Google tend to rank them higher. You can also further optimize your website SEO by using third party plugins like Yoast SEO.

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    Plug-ins for WordPress allows you to add functionality and lets you scale & expand your business website. The options and plug-ins available for WordPress are extensive and at times overwhelming. Luckily, there are numerous resources that WordPress users can seek out if something goes wrong and the WordPress community is helpful and (at times) moderated by experts that can solve most issues.

Do you need it?

Is WordPress right for your business?

Wanting a WordPress website because everybody else has one isn't a great reason to get it. Do you know there are ongoing maintenance and costs with owning a WordPress site? Web designers don't always bring it up. And when they do it's usually after building the site.

Ask yourself, will you be writing articles on a regular basis?

If you don't intend to blog then you could hold off getting it. You see, WordPress makes blogging easy for anybody to do. It's created for that reason although nowadays it has outgrown that singular purpose.

If you want to write articles once a month or have marketing and SEO strategies to put in place then use WordPress. Another reason to get WordPress is if you intend to work with a digital agency. Otherwise, save your money and only get it when you need it.

WordPress Small Biz

Small business website up to 5 pages that lets you make content edits, blog, and add new pages.

From $2,450

Turnaround 4-6 weeks

Learn more about WordPress Small Biz

WordPress Standard

A 20 page custom website that lets users install plugins and write blog articles that boost SEO.

From $4,250

Turnaround 6-10 weeks

Learn more about WordPress Standard

WordPress Proffesional

Be in complete control and make changes to your websites content as well as the look and layout

From $5,450

Turnaround 8-12 weeks

Learn more about WordPress Pro

Any questions?

WordPress Website FAQ

Questions about our WordPress websites

Here are a few questions that we often receive about our Perth WordPress web design services. If you have a question we haven't answered then please get in touch via the form below.

  • Our non-WordPress custom web designs start from $3,850. We can include WordPress for an extra charge. Depending on the options the new total will vary between $4,450 - $5,500. We also have an affordable website range for small businesses. They start from $1,950 without WordPress and $2,450 with.

  • On average our custom web designs usually take 6-8 weeks. To include WordPress will push it out to 8-12 weeks. Our small business affordable web designs roughly take 2-4 weeks to complete. To include WordPress will add another 1-2 weeks to the timeline. How long it takes will depend on the size of the website.

  • WordPress is a platform that makes blogging accessible to everyone. It is an open-source CMS and allows the creation of entire websites through its use of themes and plugins. It is easy for users and has a large community that contributes to its development. Because of those reasons, WordPress is a popular choice for businesses in Perth.

  • CMS stands for Content Management System. Think of it as software that lets users create, change, and manage digital content. WordPress at its core is a CMS that allows users to administer content. CMS allows users to build websites without knowing code.

  • WordPress plugins let users make changes to the website that usually requires developers. If you wanted to do SEO, well there's a plugin for that. In fact, there's a plugin for anything you can think of. There are security, analytics, and many other plugins to enhance your website.

  • Yes, you can, not sure if you want to though. Be careful before updating or installing new plugins. It's easy to do but make sure it's by someone knowledgeable in WordPress or had experience doing it. Plugins are notorious for letting users break websites.

  • Due to its popularity, WordPress is often targeted by hackers. To combat this WordPress releases updates to patch any flaws exploited by cybercriminals. On the whole, WordPress is a secure platform for users. But that depends on regular security updates to protect against the latest vulnerabilities.

  • Again yes, you can. But as before, we advise caution before updating. Make sure it's done by an experienced user or a professional to avoid potential issues.

  • Absolutely. There will be web hosting which is monthly and your domain name which is an annual fee. There is also a maintenance cost to keep things running smoothly. Maintenance is usually charged monthly and includes backups and updates to plugins and the latest version of WordPress.

  • The biggest reason to maintain your website is to secure it against cybercrime. Keeping the core and plugins up to date protects your website against malware. Backing up your website is also important. It can mean the difference between starting over or picking up from where you left off.

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