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Promoting your products and services online

Print undoubtedly has its advantages but it cannot do things digital formats are capable of. The ability to precisely target groups is hard to beat and results can often be reported back in real time. The cost of digital adverts are cheaper and more affordable and why smaller businesses and start ups find them so appealing.

Why promote digitally

Digital ads are great for building awareness to your brand. By using targeting capabilities digital ads can go viral and some businesses experience overnight success because of it. If you choose the right platform and hit the right demographics you can maximise exposure to your ads. Of course it wouldn't hurt if your ad was well designed too. No point placing an ad that cant get your customers attention is there now?

Which platform to choose

Display and social media ads both have their own advantages. Thriving businesses make use of both mediums to reach their business goals. You can use display and social media ads to target specific people or places. The platform you end up choosing will be decided by where your customers can mostly be found. However, using both display and social media ads side by side will earn the best results.

We can create digital ads that your customers will notice and convert them at the same time. We can tailor ads for either of these platforms and create attractive designs that users want to click on.

Display/Banner ads

Web banners are digital ads displayed on host web pages. Web banners are either static (.jpg or .png files) or animated (.gif files) and used to drive traffic back to your website or landing page. With banner ads you normally only pay when a user clicks on the ad. Impressions or simply showing the ad doesn't actually cost anything.

To place a banner ad a business can pay a website to display it or use the popular Google Display Network (GDN). Google estimates that over 2 million websites are participants in GDN. That's a lot of websites your ads can show up in.

Banners are also great for creating brand awareness even if no one clicks on them. This is because they are often placed in high visibility areas of the web page. Users unconsciously register your brand even when they're not looking directly at the web banner. The best part about it is you don't get charged for people looking at them but only when they click on them.

We can design banner ads that gets your brand noticed or ads that encourage clicks. We can create attractive ads in a variety of sizes to suit your budget and requirements. Contact us for a free design quote today!

Social media adverts

Advertising on social media is big business right now. Some say its a fad and will only last as long as people use those networks. However there are too many benefits for you not to include them in your advertising strategy.

For the first time in history users can directly interact with adverts. You can leave comments on social media ads which you cannot do in any other advertising medium available today. That kind of interactivity has the power to build brand loyalty (and also diminish it) and connect with followers like never before. This gives you real insight into the performance of your ads and how your users perceive them.

Some platform are better suited to reach certain groups of people than others. LinkedIn are great for B2B adverts as most of its users are professionals and business owners. Instagram ads are suited for products that can be visually represented. Facebook has the largest user base and its ability to generate leads from ads is second to none. Get in touch for a free design quote today!

How we can help

Designed for the digital audience

We can help your potential customers better understand your products and services including the benefits you’re offering. We have the knowledge and skill to interpret your needs and deliver an outstanding creative solution. Keep reading to find out more about the different sizes and prices for designing display and social media adverts.

Pricing and deliverables

Sizes (Display/Banner ads)

Prices (Display/Banner ads)

Rectangle &
Skyscraper &
Main Banner
Leaderboard &
from $187 from $187 from $225

Prices (Social media ads)

Facebook LinkedIn Instagram
from $187 from $187 from $187

Production Specs

File Type JPG or PNG
Turnaround 2-3 business days
Number of Revisions 2 revisions

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