Impress your stakeholders and investors

We can turn plain text into visual data that is captivating and easy to understand.

A well designed Annual report can foster good relations with investors. It presents financial data and highlights your wins from the previous year. It gives executives a chance to address those with vested interest in the company. It reflects your current state and hints at future ambitions. Applied properly they can also double as a marketing tool to promote your business.

We will work within your budget to create a beautiful digital or printed annual report. Starting with a concept that drives the design and structuring the content to make sense of the facts. We can even manage the printing if required. Trust us to create your next annual report on time and within scope.

We design to flaunt your achievements

Our annual reports don't simply reiterate your past years performance. It is designed with an aim to connect with your readers. We don't just show facts and figures but tell your story to your stakeholders.

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Pricing and deliverables

We charge an inital setup fee and final amount is based on the number of pages in the report

Initial concept and setup Per Page
(text only)
Per Page
(with graphics)
$625 $45 $85
File Type Print-ready PDF
Turnaround 3-4 weeks
Number of Revisions 3 revisions

Tell your story without boring your audience

We design your annual report to keep your readers interested.

Reports have a tendency to be data and text heavy. The amount of numbers and statistics they contain could lead to scanning of information. You don't want your shareholders glancing over important details hidden within the text. You want to highlight your good results and give those the most attention. Its important to present crucial information creatively.

That's where our artistic annual report design Perth services comes in handy. While numbers are important, our designs will be interesting too. It will be a combination of facts and creative visuals that is easily read by anyone.

We don't just show facts and figures. We tell your story to your stakeholders.

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Sustainable and eco-friendly

Consider going digital for your next Annual Report

If there was a greener option to producing reports, would you do it? Lets face it, printing them isn't the most eco-friendly choice for the planet. That's why you should consider a digital online version. They are a great option for companies that want to practice sustainable approaches.

Benefits of digital Annual Reports

  • 1

    The biggest advantage of this format is its sustainability and eco friendliness. No printing means less trees are lost and no money is wasted on buying paper.

  • 2

    Unlike printed formats, online reports can contain elements such as web animation, videos, scroll effects, sounds and web components that lets users engage with it.

  • 3

    It lets you see if users are actually reading the report and which section they spend the most or least time on. This insight can let you know which sections are most important and which areas need to be worked on in the future.

  • 4

    One of the best reasons to produce it digitally is that end users can view it on their own devices. Whether its a computer, mobile phone or tablet they can see it any time and anywhere they want.

  • 5

    Sending out the online annual report is as easy as sending an email. If you want to increase awareness of your business you can use social media to share it with other users.

All inclusive Design service

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