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Brochure Design Perth

Versatile and cost-effective marketing

Designed to professionally showcase your business, products or services

Our brochures are designed for maximum effectiveness

A great tool for small businesses that have smaller marketing budgets

Our brochure designs can fit a lot of information. When used properly they can help with your online marketing too. They can present your benefits and is an excellent cost effective way to promote your products and services. They can even be used for raising awareness for a cause. There's plenty of space for eye catching graphic designs and plenty of space for photos of your staff. You could include a map to your location to help customers find you. Add your website address and customers can visit you online. You can even add a coupon for discounts to attract more customers. Just tell us what you need and we'll make it happen.

How we can help

We deisgn brochures that gets your message to your audience

Brochures can be folded in a variety of ways to suit your needs. Common arrangements include Bi-folds, Z-folds and Tri-folds. We can design brochures in other sizes depending on what information needs to be fit in.

Need more information?

Get in touch for more information about our brochures or to get a quote for a project!

Pricing and deliverables

from $225++

from $225++

from $275++
File Type Print-ready PDF
Turnaround 5-7 business days
Number of Revisions 2 revisions

++ Base price to start brochure design. The final price will depend on complexity of the requirements.

Brochures are a great tool for businesses with smaller marketing budgets. When used properly they can help with your online marketing too.

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Do they still work?

Effective for selling your products and services

A study by Bentley University discovered that people value the convenience of printed brochures. They found that visitors tend to pick them up and are swayed by what they read.

The study revealed that:

  • 100% surveyed perceive the information to be up to date and trustworthy
  • 80% will visit a business they read about
  • 65% will buy merchandise that appear in them
  • 95% of tourists change their travel itinerary according to what they read

Why you should use them

Here are 5 good reasons for using brochures to promote your business

  • 1

    They are versatile and may be reused for different purposes. They can be displayed at trade shows, sent out in a mail campaign or placed in waiting areas and front desks.

  • 2

    They have a fixed price unlike digital ads which have a high cost per click rates. If you order in bulk the price tends to drop accordingly

  • 3

    They have the best space to information ratio out of all the printed forms of marketing materials. You can fit in your product/service specs, your background story and even have enough space for discount coupons

  • 4

    You can place them in a variety of strategic locations that target your market. They can be given out at events, placed on car wind-shields, handed out to passer-bys, sent out to letter boxes and slipped in to media kits or presentation folders.

  • 5

    They can contain tear-offs for limited time use offers. That makes them perfect for seasonal promotions and marketing campaigns.

Explore Our design services

We offer an all-inclusive design service for all your business needs.

Our design service covers all areas of print or digital and ranges from captivating print adverts, creative infographics, posters that gets peoples attention to annual reports. We are your one stop shop for everything design. Get in touch for a free quote today.

Looking to update your website? Visit our web design page to learn about pricing and to see websites we've created.

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