Our Client

Transporting Sensitive Freight

Macknsons Transport provides end-to-end logistic solutions for a variety of businesses that rely on sensitive freight transport. Their coverage begins from Perth metropolitan areas all the way to the Southern and Northern regional areas of Western Australia.

Client Brief

Professional looking website that integrates with existing in-house software

Macknsons's website came out when the company first started. The website's old design did not reflect how far they have grown. They approached us to modernise their website. They also wanted the website to help automate manual systems they use in the office.


challenge 01

Unprofessional looking website

The company was gaining more attention. They felt their website (designed by the client) did not truly reflect what they could do. As interest in the business grew they knew they had to update their website soon.

View original web design

challenge 02

Reduce time on phone orders and eliminate manual data entry

The task of capturing orders over the phone was time-consuming. It was disruptive to staff and Macknsons wanted to automate the process. They wanted their clients to carry out the order instead. They also wanted to take out manual data entry. They needed a system where job orders go straight into their in-house software.

challenge 03

Refresh their marketing resources

Macknsons had a range of digital and print assets (made in-house). These marketing assets were given to customers. They had items like blotters, desk pads, calendars, and maps. They wanted them to look professional and asked us to redesign them.

Our Solutions

The new Design

Clean, minimal, bold

Macknsons are valued for their discretion during transport. As a result, they own a fleet of purposely unbranded white trucks. We wanted that sense of discretion reflected in the website. We purposely included plenty of white space throughout. We also added colourful and engaging graphics to contrast the otherwise stark space.

Saving time

Online order forms

We designed a Job Order and Job Quote form that allowed clients to place orders. Having the forms resulted in a reduction in the number of phone orders taken by staff. The data from the online forms gets sent back as a CSV attachment. The CSV then feeds into their proprietary software eliminating the need for manual data entry

Graphic design services

Refresh, revamp
and redesign

Along with the website, Macknsons wanted to restyle their marketing assets. They were originally created in-house by office staff. We redesigned these assets and aligned them with the style of the new website. We created maps and calenders of the routes and schedule for that year . We also reworked their desk blotter that gets given annually to their clients.

Mobile Friendly

Tested across various devices

The site is also compatible with various mobile and tablet devices.

The result