Case Study

Logistics and sensitive freight company website

Website redesign, online job order forms, digital & print graphics and website animations

Project Overview

The Client

Macknsons Transport provides end-to-end logistic solutions for a variety of businesses that rely on sensitive freight transport and their coverage begins from Perth metropolitan areas all the way to the Southern and Northern regional areas of Western Australia.

Key Features

  • Online Order and Quote Forms
  • Form data as CSV attachments
  • Web Animations
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Print and Digital Graphic Assets

Services Provided

Client Challenges

01. Unprofessional Website

The company was gaining more attention on their business and they felt their existing website (designed by the client - view here) was a poor reflection of their capabilities. They wanted a modern and professional website to better represent their level of quality and professionalism.

02. Reduce time on phone orders

The task of capturing and quoting jobs over the phone was time consuming and disruptive to staff. Macknsons wanted to automate the process and let their clients carry out the order instead.

03. Automate data entry

Every phone order is captured and entered manually into their in house software. Macknsons wanted to eliminate manual data entry and have job orders entered into their systems directly.

04. Update Marketing collateral

Existing digital/print assets including Desk blotters, A3 desk-pads, Calender schedules and Regional maps (designed in-house by office staff) needed to be redesigned and styled professionally.

Our Solutions

01. dESIGN AND development

Macknsons are valued for their discretion during transport and as a result owns a fleet of purposely unbranded white trucks. We wanted that sense of discretion reflected in the website so we incorporated a lot of whitespace throughout. We added colourful graphics and engaging web animations to contrast the otherwise stark space.

Mockup of new website

02. Online Job oRDER forms

We designed a Job Order & Job Quote form that allowed clients to place orders themselves. Having the forms resulted in an overall reduction in the number of phone orders taken by staff. The data from the forms were sent back to Macknsons as a CSV attachment, which then fed directly into their proprietary software and eliminated the need for manual data entry.

Mockup of online job order form

03. Mobile compatible

The site is mobile friendly and works on all hand-held devices.

Mockup of mobile version of website

04. Graphic Design

We made PDF's of their calender schedule and custom maps (of the regional areas) as downloadable assets on their website. We also redesigned their desk blotter that gets given annually to their clients.

Mockup of various print graphic and marketing collateral

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